Kidney Stones

What is a kidney stone?

A kidney stone is a hard mass that occurs when calcium oxalate or other chemicals in the urine form crystals that stick together. These crystals may grow into stones ranging in size from a grain of sand to a golf ball.

Are kidney stones common?

Some one million Americans--the majority between the ages of 20 and 40--are treated each year for kidney stones. Kidney stones are more common in men, who account for about four out of five cases.

InterStim Therapy for Urinary Control

InterStim Therapy ( also known as a "pacemaker for the bladder") helps control urinary problems through an implanted device that sends mild electrical impulses via a lead (a thin wire) to the sacral nerves that control the bladder, sphincter and pelvic floor muscles. Physicians have referred to the InterStim system as a pacemaker for the bladder.


daVinci Surgical System

The da Vinci® system is a technologically-advanced alternative to traditional open or laparoscopic surgeries.